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Manuscripts should be submitted at

The system requires one-time registration. The selected login and password allows future submission of new articles as well as checking the status of the editorial processing of a manuscript already submitted. Manuscript will be assigned a reference number, that should be used in all future correspondence with the editorial office. After manuscript registration, all correspondence to the editorial office should be directed via internal messaging system available through web page.

In case of technical problems with the electronic submission, please contact directly Index Copernicus at


Articles submitted after 1st of July 2015 are subjected to fees. Publication fee for all types of articles is 250 USD, fee for members of Polish Society of Microbiologists is reduced to 125 USD, or equivalent in polish zloty (PLN) for authors from Poland.

Also there is (and was) page charge for publication for colour illustrations in PJM. All inquiries regarding fees can be directed to our editorial office at